simply filming moments...

Filming stories

We admire the uniqueness of people's lives. We wish to see your stories through our simple and pure approach.

Short videos

We see the human story behind every product or service. Our videos send messages to your customers and bring visibility to your digital channels. Let’s show off your brand’s personality and attract awareness with short videos or reels. Allow us to build trust with video testimonials from your customers.

our approach/method

We always make films with love.

| Tell us your story or let us feel your product
| Let's discuss your needs and visions
| Hear our ideas and plans for your videos
| Show up for the video session
| Seenple crew will do the rest

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Anna Barseghyan

About me: Multimedia journalist, with long-time experience in live broadcasting (RFE/RL Channel), working with extreme speed, a massive team of people. Expertise in line producing and video editing.

My tools: Communicative audiovisual creator, enjoying the process of shooting and editing, proficient user of Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere, expertised in NewTek TriCaster®.

Daniel Vaško

About me: Enthusiastic videomaker, cameraman, photographer and drone rider, who gained experience in various projects for RTVS like Citronada, Pumpa, Najskola.

My tools: Any video device to hold or fly with, to light where needed, proficient user of Adobe Creative Cloud

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